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Nationwide Installation Available
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12ft x 30ft Wooden Stable Shelter Block (10ft Stable +10ft Shelter +10ft Stable)

All are built to your requirements and specification


Excluding Scotland and Cornwall

Call for more details  07955052478 

*Stable door inside shelter (located at the front)

12ft x 10ft Stable +12ft x 10ft Shelter +12ft x 10ft Stable

Stable/ Shelter Static 12ft x 30ft  come with:


  • Door full opening top door and bottom door (Top Door height 820mm - Bottom door height 1200mm - Wide Door 1200mm)
  • 25mm T&G (25mm Nominal 20mm Finishing) Redwood T&G ShipLap Cladding Pressure Treated
  • Galvanized hinges
  • Roof Purlins 4x2 CLS Treated Pressure
  • FRAME 3x2 CLS Timber Treated Pressure
  • Anti-chew Strips on the top bottom door
  • 11mm OSB KICK-BOARDS 4ft ( OSB panel around the bottom half of the stable)
  • Black Original Onduline roofing high-quality
  • Galvanised Flashing corner and door
  • Skylight Roof in each unit
  • Apex Roof
  • Approx. around 2- 3ft overhang
  • Galvanized nails
  • Pad bolt
  • All hinges/ pat bolt locks is galvanized metal to safe any rust problems
  • Damp Proof Course Bottom Panel


Available at additional cost:

  • Galvanized metal skid
  • wooden skids
  • Guttering
  • Metal Roof
  • Plexiglass Windows
  • Kicboar / wall OSB Line :Tack Room, Hay barn, Shelter, Storage
  • Overhang cladding
  • T&G Cladding
  • LogLap Cladding
  • Galvanised Flashing
  • Additional Anti-chew
  • Roof OSB line under Onduline
  • Stable grill

12ft x 30ft Wooden Stable Shelter Block (10ft Stable +10ft Shelter +10ft Stable)

VAT Included
  •  25mm Scandinavian Redwood T&G Shiplap Cladding -The highest quality on the British market. Our Clading is pressure treated so it is ideal for use on all exterior buildings.

    This type of Cladding comes with a 15-year warranty.

    All our buildings are made of FSC-certified wood, which has a low impact on the environment.

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