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White Van


Free Delivery England and Wales.

Competitive Prices Delivery to Scotland and Isle of Man.

Some parts of England and Wales may require an additional charge of delivery, please contact us before ordering.


Collection available 72 hours after placing the order and payment.

Delivery Terms

All orders are made to order.

The waiting time for standard Stables / Shelters / Shed is 2/4 weeks upon delivery.

Orders with a metal roof have a delivery time of 3/6 weeks.

Internal Stable waiting time 4/9 weeks depending on the type.

Metal Galvanised Skid waiting time 2/4 weeks.

Order Cancelation

All placed orders can be canceled within 7 days of placing the order.

If you want to cancel your order, please contact us by email.

Express Delivery

If your order requires express delivery, we can accommodate this in most cases. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss all your requirements.

Difficulties Delivery Access

If you are in a place. to which delivery is difficult for various reasons, in 90% of cases we deliver without problems, but you must contact us and tell us what difficulties you are experiencing.

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